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Paulette E. Hendrickson
L.E., C.P.E., state licensed
Electrologist since 1987 & licensed Esthetician since 2005 in California

Call: 408.246.3554
Are you Tired of unwanted hair?

Graduated from the Milpitas Electrolysis College in 1987 and in 1990 completed the educational requirements with The American Electrology Association to become a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). Practicing in Santa Clara, CA.

A member of good standing with The American Electrology Association, and The Electrologists Association of California

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Then consider Electrolysis to permanently get rid of those unwanted hairs. Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA. There are 3 modalities used in Electrolysis treatments:

Have you been shaving, tweezing, waxing or using depilatory creams but finding that hair growth is getting worse or not going away?
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Thermolysis - High frequency current
Galvanic - Produces Sodium Hydroxide (lye) in the follicle that destroys the hair growth. This modality can be used as single probe technique or multi-probe technique.
Blend - a combination of Thermolysis and Galvanic currents.