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Telogen - shedding stage. Hair depth is shallow, completely detached from the papilla.

Hairs in active follicles can only be treated. Active follicles are where a hair is visually noticed protruding from the skin. However, all hairs are not visible at the same time because of the different hair growth stages. Hair follicles can be dormant, growing no hair or they may grow fine vellus hairs or thick terminal hairs. Because of this it is very important to maintain scheduled electrolysis appointments to achieve permanent hair removal. A professional Electrologist can determine scheduled treatments.

Anagen - Growing stage of the hair. Deepest. Stage can last from 3 months to several years.
Catagen - Hair stage that the hair begins to separate from the bulb at the hair root.
(Very brief time)
Several repeated treatments are needed to permanently destroy all the hairs in a given area. Many variables
are the reason for this. The normal hair growth cycle is one of these. Hair grows in 3 stages.
A disposable sterile probe is inserted gently into the hair follicle, the natural opening of the skin where the hair is growing. A small amount of current is applied through the sterile probe to the hair root, papilla and the hair cells to destroy the hair growth. This process does not harm the outer skin. With normal treatment, the skin will have some redness, slight scabbing in some areas or swelling can occur. These are all temporary reactions, which will subside and skin will return to its normal condition.

Other variables that can affect the number of treatments are prior temporary hair removal methods used that have stimulated the hair growth such as tweezing, waxing or the use of depilatory creams. Hormonal changes affecting estrogen or testosterone levels, whether it is a normal change or prescriptive drugs used (such as birth control) will cause excess hair growth. Even stress levels have an effect on hair growth.

The safe solution to get rid of these unwanted hairs and to feel good about yourself and your appearance is to remove them permanently with electrolysis treatments. The result will be satisfying, and you will be glad you took the step.